Windows and Android users warned against growing Russian cybersecurity threat | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

A new malware campaign launched in December is beginning to gain steam, with researchers now putting out a warning to Windows and Android users.


The emerging cybersecurity threat targets corporate users, and according to researchers from Zcaler’s ThreatLabz, which penned a new blog post discussing the threat, the attackers are specifically using fake online meeting hosting requests on a single IP address. These URLs are convincing enough to get corporate officials to kick on them to join the meeting as they are masquerading as Skype, Google Meet, and Zoom meeting requests.

Notably, the malware that is infected into the device is capable of stealing sensitive user data, or even company information. With this information the bad actor could then initiate ransomware, which is when bad actors threaten the company they stole the information from with either permanently locking the stolen data or releasing it online by a certain date – unless a substantial payment is made.

A threat actor is using these lures to distribute RATs for Android and Windows, which can steal confidential information, log keystrokes, and steal files,” ThreatLabz researchers Himanshu Sharma, Arkaprva Tripathl, and Meghraj Nandanwar wrote in the post on the campaign.

For more information about how to prevent spyware from entering your device, check out this link here.


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