WINDOW’S OPEN Microsoft Windows bug lets hackers take control of your PC by sending you a email

A WINDOWS bug could allow hackers to remotely take over your PC or laptop by sending an email which can attack your system even if you don’t open it.

The alleged flaw could allow crooks to make changes to your device and steal everything you have saved on there.

The terrifying problem lies in a security tool used in all modern Windows systems.

The issue was picked up by Google researcher Tavis Ormandy, who said it was the “worst” Windows remote control flaw he had ever seen.

Windows – which is one of the most widely used operating systems in the world – is being updated right now to solve the problem.

In a tweet, Mr Ormandy said the situation is “crazy bad”.

Microsoft has marked the bug “critical” and has offered a fix for the problem.

The issue effects Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.

It should come through to Brits’ systems automatically but you can manually trigger an Windows Update if you’re worried you might be infected.

You can do that by clicking on settings and searching for “Windows update” in the search box.

Click “install optional updates” and then click “check for updates”.

Mr Ormandy later praised Microsoft for how quickly it dealt with the bug.

Google recently warned of a Google Docs “phishing” scam targeting Gmail users.

The “sophisticated” scam was targeting accounts with a message – seemingly from someone in people’s address book – inviting them to share a Google Doc.

If you click on the link it appears to go to a Google page asking the user if they wish to allow widespread permission, which if granted gives the fraudsters full access to your account.

Doing so also forwards the email on to everyone in the user’s address book, spreading the potential hack even further.


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