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Winter weather hack or wives’ tale? | VERIFY | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Temperatures are heading to the single digits this weekend. We fact-checked three common winter weather beliefs.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — With winter officially here and making its presence known, people might be turning to some old tricks. Our Verify team fact-checked a few common winter weather

Does bundling up keep you from getting sick?

Layers may seem like an easy way to stay warm, and while that’s what your mom might have told you, experts say otherwise.

Researchers at Purdue University’s School of Nursing say bundling up does not offer much protection from viruses and that they are “equal opportunity infectors” and can cause people to get sick at any time.

And according to St. Luke’s Health System, cold and flu season is caused by people staying indoors in close proximity or the lower humidity levels.

If you’re looking to stay warm, will an alcoholic drink do the trick?

While a drink might make you might feel warmer, the Cleveland Clinic says this is a false sense of warmth.

Alcohol causes blood vessels to dilate and sends more blood to your skin. This actually makes you lose body heat.

The Cleveland Clinic also says your favorite spirits speed up dehydration which can make you more prone to hypothermia.

Can warming up your car really cause problems with your engine?

Firestone Complete Auto Care

U.S. Department of Energy 

According to these three sources, letting your car idle during the winter months can actually shorten your engine’s lifespan.

While your car sits to warm up, oil drains away from key parts of the engine, leading to more wear and tear on your car.

The Department of Energy says your car warms up faster when driving.

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