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Wisconsin School Safety Line Now Accepting Texts | #schoolsaftey

Jul 13, 2023 | 11:45 AM

State News

Attorney General Josh Kaul has introduced a new feature to Wisconsin’s school safety tip line, allowing individuals to submit tips via text messages.

This recent announcement emphasizes the state’s commitment to ensuring the safety of schools.

Kaul believes that enabling students, teachers, and parents to send in tips via text provides an additional means to enhance school safety in Wisconsin.

The implementation of the text line follows Kaul’s previous statement, where he expressed concerns about potentially shutting down the tip line due to budget constraints.

Without an additional allocation of two million dollars in the state budget, Kaul warned of the possibility of significantly scaling back operations within the Office of School Safety, including the tip line.

During his recent update, Kaul reiterated that such a scenario still remains a viable option.

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