Woman Accused of Hacking Company and Redirecting Money to Her Bank Account

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have arrested and charged a Canadian woman for hacking into the email of a local company’s CEO and redirecting 52,000 Canadian dollars ($38,600) to her own bank account.

The victim discovered the hack in November 2016, when it filed a complaint with the RCMP unit in the town of Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada.

After a six-month investigation, Canadian police discovered that Tamika White, a 30-year-old woman from Calgary, Alberta, had hacked into the company’s owner email account.

Investigators say she then redirected a payment for an expensive piece of equipment to a new bank account. Police say they’ve tracked down this bank account to White.

RCMP officers searched White’s home on May 19, and the suspect was arrested later in the day. Authorities brought forward official charges on May 24, and the woman was remanded. Her case will be heard in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Authorities brought forward 12 charges against White, ranging from identity fraud to money laundering, and from theft to trafficking stolen data.

The type of crime White is accused is known as Bussiness Email Compromise. A BEC scam or CEO fraud is a very common form of online fraud and has made countless of victims in past years.

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) said in a statement at the start of May that BEC scammers have stolen well over five billion dollars from companies around the world between October 2013 and December 2016.


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