Woman becomes credit card fraud victim after her number is posted on Facebook


Identity theft and credit card fraud is turning into an online team sport.

Action News discovered that thieves are snatching credit card numbers then posting them onto Facebook to rob locals blind.

A Jacksonville woman first learned she was scammed when her credit card was declined. She didn’t want to show her face on camera. But anyone on Facebook got to see her credit card number yesterday.

“You can’t trust anything on the Internet, social media; you just can’t trust it,” she said.

Before pulling into a Southside Gate station on Sunday, she had no idea someone was stealing from her bank account. Her card was declined, so she called her bank and learned she lost almost $300.The lady explained to me my account was frozen due to fraudulent activity,” she said.

An anonymous tipster then saw her info online and made contact with the victim to warn her that her card number and info was somehow posted on a Facebook page.

We investigated and found out there in fact is a page devoted to nothing else but posting stolen credit card info for anyone use illegally.

“To have your money take from you, it’s just not fair,” she said.

Because of fraud protection, Wells Fargo refunded the woman’s money, but she says she is so upset over what happened that she won’t open another bank account any time soon.

To protect other victims, we are not sharing the name of that Facebook page. We are trying to contact Facebook to warn the company about this site and get a comment.

source: http://www.actionnewsjax.com/news/news/local/woman-becomes-credit-card-fraud-victim-after-her-n/njxb9/