Woman claims friend charged thousands of dollars to her credit card

When you think of all the different ways your identity can be stolen, you may not immediately think of someone you consider a friend as the perpetrator.

However, a local woman says she fell victim to someone she considered a friend and now that friend, who also happens to be a local business owner, is charged with nearly 50 counts of identity theft.

Nancy Mozingo says she believes she was ultimately taken advantage of by someone she trusted and what’s left of her so-called friendship with this woman, amounts to more than $10,000 in credit card debt.

Sifting through mounds of paperwork for hours a day has become routine for Mozingo, a retired business owner, who had to connect the dots once she learned that someone had made unauthorized purchases with her credit card.

“I felt terribly betrayed,” she tells WITN. “I had become close to her. I felt like she was a sister.” Betrayed, she says, by Sonya Sutton.

Sutton was arrested by Greenville police on May 25th on 49 charges of identity theft. She owns Saturday’s Shoe and Accessory store in Greenville. The business’ last known location in Arlington Village is no longer open.

Mozingo worked for Sutton at the store and says she tried to help Sutton with her business. “I told her one charge and pay it off. And she abused that and continued charging.”

Warrants obtained by WITN say Sutton knowingly used Mozingo’s credit card with the intent of fraudulently representing her more than 40 times between September 2014 and January 2015.

One warrant shows a more than $3,000 purchase at a wholesale shoe company. Other charges include insurance, cell phone, and utilities.

Mozingo says she had no idea that these charges were being made until she got a call from the bank about her credit limit being surpassed.

“I was enraged,” she says. “I was shocked. I mean, you could have picked me up off the floor.

Instead of taking legal action immediately, she says she tried to work out a payment system with Sutton. After only a few payments, Mozingo says Sutton stopped paying, so she says she had no other choice but to press charges.
When WITN called Sutton, she said, “This case is still under investigation with the Public Defender’s Office.”

Mozingo says this was a tough lesson to learn. “You just have to be very very careful and the main lesson I learned from this is that credit card, when it’s issued to you, it’s issued to you and you only. Never allow anyone to put any charges on your credit card.”

Mozingo was making the credit card payments so that her credit rating wouldn’t take a hit, but she says she’s no longer doing that. She’s going to let this play out in court.

Sonya Sutton, meanwhile, is out on bond and scheduled to appear in court again on July 27th.


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