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A US woman was shocked to learn the widowed single father she went on a Tinder date with had a wife who was still “very much alive”.

Sissy Hankshaw from Missouri detailed the bizarre dating experience in a TikTok video, explaining she met the man on the app, deciding to go on a date with him after confirming he seemed “great.”

“I went on a Tinder date with this guy who was a teacher. He was 25, he taught school kids and I’m like, ‘Oh that’s so sweet,’” she said in the now-viral clip.

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Woman shocked after discovering widowed Tinder date's wife was 'very much alive'
Sissy Hankshaw from Missouri detailed the bizarre dating experience – and how she uncovered the truth. (TikTok)

Hankshaw says the man informed her he had a “son” and that his son’s mother had “passed away, tragically”.

The man stressed “she was dead” and that he was a single dad.

After getting to know the man on the app and going on a date with him, Hankshaw said he “seemed like a normal person”, but naturally persisted to “Instagram stalk” him to understand how his tragic family story had unfolded.

When she began to dive deep into the man’s social media, Hankshaw noticed a number of posts didn’t add up — including pictures of his supposedly “dead wife” still alive, kicking, and at work.

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“So I went to stalk her on Instagram and I went back to show my friend and looked back on a different day and when I did she had new posts and so I stalked even further and found, obviously, her whole family and career history on the internet,” she explained.

“It turns out she was not dead at all. She was very much alive, and they were very much together in a relationship.”

Hankshaw marvelled at the fact the man she assumed was “so normal”, even labelling him the “most normal person” she’d been on a date with in a “long time”.

Horrified by the discovery, Hankshaw took action and confronted the lying husband about his deceitful behaviour.

“I told him that he lied and that she was actually alive,” Hankshaw began, describing the conversation, in which the man attempted to claim his wife was “actually dead” numerous times.

Woman shocked after discovering widowed Tinder date's wife was 'very much alive'
“It turns out she was not dead at all. She was very much alive.” (TikTok)

“She’s alive,” Hankshaw says he kept repeating.

The video has received more than 69,000 views, with commenters gobsmacked as to how the man ever thought he could keep his wife a secret.

“Sir? How can you have a hidden wife and so much audacity? Where do you keep it all?” questioned one user.

“I don’t think this man should be an influence upon the minds of young children and I think his employers would be very interested in this,” commented another.

Another declared, “I interpret extreme normalcy as a red flag; people like that are typically being very inauthentic.”

Hankshaw, who is currently in a relationship with a different man, eventually contacted the man’s wife on Instagram but the message was never read.

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