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Due to its simplicity, WhatsApp has emerged as the preferred messaging service for about two billion users globally. Yet, as it has expanded, spam communication and fraudulent activities have also increased.

With the app’s free-to-use concept, spammers and marketers can now broadcast messages to a huge audience. It makes it simpler for them to contact prospective targets. Now that times have changed, scammers are changing their tricks. They are increasingly utilizing the app to call overseas lines with audio and video calls.

These WhatsApp international calls are becoming increasingly frequent for app users. Due to this, many users are puzzled about them and worried about how the fraudsters got their phone numbers. They are also alarmed by the fact that these calls were traced to nations like Malaysia, Kenya, and Vietnam.

Although the motivation for these calls is unknown, it is assumed that fraudsters are attempting to trick gullible victims into disclosing their sensitive information. However, a recent incident involving a woman who trolled a scammer on WhatsApp has left the internet in stitches.

WhatsApp international calls scam

Bengaluru-based entrepreneur tricks scammer who tried to scam her

Udita Pal, the co-founder of Salt, shared a post on Twitter about how someone tried to scam her through WhatsApp. However, her witty responses to the scammer’s messages have made her a viral sensation on social media.

Udita Pal
Udita Pal/Instagram

In her tweets, Pal shared many screenshots of the WhatsApp conversation to demonstrate her communication with the fraudster, along with the caption:

Whatsapp Scam
Udita Pal/Twitter

A scammer on WhatsApp attempted to dupe Udita Pal with a fake job offer that required her to like and subscribe to a YouTube video in exchange for a payment of Rs. 150.  The fraudster said that there was no cost involved and that Pal only needed to use a few minutes of her mobile phone time to do the three tasks that were given to her.

Whatsapp Scam international number
Udita Pal/Twitter

The first assignment was liking and subscribing to a YouTube channel, which the fraudster asked Pal to do after viewing it for just 10 seconds and sending him a screenshot. Instead, Pal shared a screenshot of a different YouTube video titled “Caught some idiot trying to scam,” which left the scammer red-faced.

international number Whatsapp Scam
Udita Pal/Twitter
Latest Whatsapp Scam
Udita Pal/Twitter
Beware Whatsapp Scam
Udita Pal/Twitter

Pal posted images of her WhatsApp conversation on Twitter, and since then, her clever retorts to the fraudster have gained thousands of likes and a plethora of hilarious replies. While many netizens praised her for her impressive return, others swamped the comment area with laughing emojis.

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