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A woman claims she discovered her husband wasn’t being entirely truthful after a co-worker spotted his dating profile – so she went in search of evidence and now the pair are divorcing.

Sharing the story on TikTok, the woman, known only as Allyson, said that her husband had been spotted using online dating and listed he was ‘going through a divorce’ in his bio.

But this was news to Allyson because as far as she knew she was still happily married, but all that was about to change as she began gathering evidence.

She searched his car and found a toothbrush and toothpaste, a spare phone with online dating apps on, and a plastic bag full of condoms in the boot.

Allyson found a text message her husband had sent to another woman

The Tinder profile
One of Allyson’s friends sent her a screen shot of her husband’s profile on Tinder

Allyson shared her story online, saying it all began when she found a text message to a woman on her husband’s phone which read: “Good morning, how did you sleep?”

She became suspicious, and soon things went from bad to worse as a friend got in contact saying she had seen Allyson’s husband on online dating.

Allyson said: “I kinda found this text message, was a little suspicious, I don’t understand why you’re texting other women that but anyways.

Some grooming items and a few condoms
After investigating, Allyson found a whole bunch of evidence in her husband’s car

“Then a girl I work with sent me this message and asked if I was going through a divorce, girl I didn’t know I was.

“Then she sent me close ups of his profile, I’ll show you the bio it’s really funny you should read it.”

The biography revealed that the man is 24, and had selected the tags ‘country music’, ‘grab a drink’, ‘road trips’, ‘wine’, and ‘tattoos’.

His description of himself reads: “Just a good ol’ country boy that likes to have a good time and the outdoors. Love to hunt and fish, and just be outside.

“Like to sit by the bonfire and drink beer, bush light, got a dad body and love walks on the beach and watching the sunset. Going through a divorce.”

Allyson said that after receiving the text message from her friend, she went to find evidence of her husband’s illicit behaviour.

She continued: “Upon further investigation I found extra toothpaste and a toothbrush and clothes in his truck.

“Upon even further investigation, in the door was an extra phone that was his old phone.”

Allyson then charged up the phone and found her husbands dating profile, confirming what the friend had told her.

Her video was viewed over 10 million times and received almost two million likes, plus thousands of comments.

One said: “I wish I had friends that would out him. But half the girls my ex husband cheated on me with were my friends. Weird but, yeah, I don’t have any close friends.”

While another said: “You deserve better. He is not only playing with your emotions but your life as he can catch something and he isn’t thinking of the cold.”

And a third said: “Throw the whole boy out. Sending you so much love, I’m so sorry you’re going through this.”

The next day, Allyson posted a follow up video announcing that she would be getting a divorce from her husband.

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