Woman gets revenge on cheating Tinder date by ‘inviting’ wife to dinner | #tinder | #pof | romancescams | #scams

A woman has detailed the way she got revenge on her Tinder date after discovering he was actually a married man with six children.

US woman Nadiyah, who goes by the user name @spunky_brewstah on TikTok, was excited to be going on a date with a man named Eric who she’d met on a dating app.

The man even shared her wish to meet someone who was looking for something long-term, telling her: “I want a serious one lady kind of man thing going.”

However anyone who has ever had the joy (or misfortune) of online dating knows all too well, you can never trust a stranger you meet on the internet, so Nadiyah decided to do a little digging.

It was then that she came across his Facebook page, which in turn led her to his wife’s account where she uncovered details that showed he was not only married, but also had six kids.

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Instead of getting angry, Nadiyah – who lives in Atlanta – decided to get even, revealing the “petty” details in a follow-up video.

“He was supposed to call me back but I’m assuming he got tied up with home life and all of a sudden he couldn’t talk anymore,” she said, sharing screenshots of their messages.

“Then he starts love bombing me about our date, he ‘can’t wait’ and asking me what kind of flowers I like. He was going above and beyond to show me he’s not like the rest of these dudes.”

Eric however had no idea Nadiyah knew he was blowing hot and cold with her because he was keeping up appearances with his family, so she said she got “cheeky” with the situation and decided to “play with his emotion”.

“I start teasing as if I was interested in something sexual and bringing a friend along,” she said.

“Low and behold, the friend I was referring to was his wife.”

After Eric asked a few questions about Nadiyah’s mate, she sends him a photo – and it’s a snap of him with his other half she’d uncovered on Facebook.

“His wife was my special guest of honour,” she wrote.

Realising he’d been busted, he simply replied: “You smooth.”

Nadiyah explained she wasn’t happy that Eric had “tried to play me”, prompting him to try to cover his tracks by saying he was “going through something and wasn’t ready to tell” her yet.

However Nadiyah wasn’t having any of it, instead sharing her awkward findings in a video on TikTok where she was praised for her sleuthing.

“You’re a smart woman,” one said.

“Six kids and still has time to cheat. WTF,” another added.

“This is why I gave up on online dating,” one woman mused.

While Nadiyah hasn’t actually contacted Eric’s wife, she revealed in the comments she was “still debating” whether or not she should.

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