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Woman reveals odd cooking hack, making Salmon in the dishwasher | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

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The dishwasher’s newest feature is the cooking cycle.

Elaine Lainey Zany, who runs a TikTok cooking account, admitted she uses an unconventional method to cook salmon which requires no pots or pans.

Here’s how to “make perfect salmon every time in your dishwasher,” she revealed in the video posted on October 20.

In a 51-second clip with 2.1 million views, the innovative cook explains her process by adding seasoning and garnishes to the sockeye before placing it in the dishwasher.

“Start with your salmon fillet, add some lemon as desired, then I use some fresh herbs like dill and rosemary,” she adds.

“Next thing I came with [was] garlic, and some butter and salt and pepper to taste.”

The Orlando-based content creator told viewers once the fish is prepped, wrap it tight in aluminum foil but make sure there are no holes.

“Put it in the top rack of your dishwasher and put it in for a whole cycle on hot water and a heated dry,” she continues. “You want it to get to 145 degrees.”

Zany recommends adding lemons, herbs and other seasoning to give the salmon some flavor before cooking.
TikTok / @zaineylainey007

The USDA also agrees that salmon should be cooked at 145°F. When salmon is cooked at the right temperature, it’ll be moist and buttery and will flake the moment your fork touches it, added Alaskan Salmon Company.

Once the cycle is finished, Zany opens up the steamy dishwasher and reveals the “perfectly cooked salmon.”

“When it’s done, pull it out, open it up and enjoy.”

The Orlando-based woman advises viewers to tightly wrap the salmon up but avoid creating any holes in the foil.
TikTok / @zaineylainey007

Even though Zany was ready to dive into the dishwasher-cooked salmon, TikTok viewers had some concerns about the dish.

“DO WE NOT HAVE OVENS????” questioned a watcher.

“Someone get Chef Ramsay in here,” demanded another.

“Pro tip — add detergent for a refreshing spicy kick,” one jokester wrote.

“Next episode toilet wine,” a person chimed in.

Zany snarkily replied back, “Do you have a good recipe?”

She concludes the video revealing the finished salmon with veggies on the side.
TikTok / @zaineylainey007

Although it is still being determined how Zany came about the idea to cook her salmon in the dishwasher, she is not the first person to experiment with the appliance and seafood.

Lisa Casali, a cook and environmental campaigner from Milan, has promoted the dishwasher cooking method since 2013. She’s been experimenting with dishwasher cuisine with a range of recipes such as couscous, veal and tuna.

“Cooking at low temperature is a popular technique in restaurants,” Casali told Food Safety Network in 2013. “Every day [dishes] are served [by the] thousands.”

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