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We all know the problem – when the temperatures drop and there’s more moisture in the air it becomes almost impossible to dry towels out. In the summer they just dry by themselves – but in the winter you have to take direct action.

It usually means getting them in the tumble dryer – and in the cost of living crisis with power bills soaring it can be very expensive. One woman took to Tiktok with her tip which she reckons can cut down the length of time you have to put towels in the tumble for – by about a third.

She revealed that the hack is to add in a dry towel to start with. She said: “Save time and electricity with this simple hack. Wet clothes? And need them to dry faster?.

“Simply add a dry towel for the first 15 minutes.” She showed herself adding a towel to the dryer drum, alongside her wet clothes, and setting a timer for 15 minutes.

Once the time was up, she removed the towel. “This speeds it up over 30%,” she explained.

Given that running a tumble dryer costs an average of £1.26 a cycle, saving 30% means you’ll save 37p a cycle, making it a cost of 88p.

People in the comments section were quick to praise her for sharing the hack – especially in the current climate. J Mari said: “It works!!! I use this life hack on heavy items like terry robes and quilts. I don’t take it out tho.”

Chae added: “This is facts, I discovered this on accident.” Emily Paton asked: “Is the towel damp afterwards?” Refined Living replied: “Yes it absorbs a lot of the excess moisture!”

But not everyone was convinced, with one writing: “Mixing towels with clothes makes the clothes grainy and fuzzy.” The Energy Saving Trust advocates avoiding using a tumble dryer where possible due to the cost and adds: “Avoid using a tumble dryer for your clothes: dry clothes on racks inside where possible or outside in warmer weather to save £55 a year.”

The Energy Saving Trust saysa tumble dryer uses roughly 4.5 kWh per cycle on average and that costs 1.27 per cycle, or £132.44 a year if you use your tumble dryer twice a week – so if you can knock 30 per cent off then that’s quite a saving,.


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