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Woman tries ordering scotch whisky online, fell in trap of cybercriminals | Here is what happened | #cybercrime | #infosec

Image Source : FILE Woman tries ordering scotch whisky online, fell into trap of cyber criminals

A 32-year-old woman, who was residing in Gurgaon reported a cybercrime, which made her lose Rs 33000 while ordering scotch whiskey online from a site. The primary investigation has indicated that the cybercriminals were operating from Rajasthan’s Bharatpur, area of Nuh (Haryana) and Mathura (UP). The areas have been named as ‘new Jamtara’, after Jharkhand’s town which was known for cybercrime.

What exactly happened? 

The incident took place back on October 10 this year, when the woman lost Rs 33,000 and later, she filed an FIR at Manesar police station on October 16 (2023). The FIR was made under Section 420 (cheating) of the IPC. ACP Vipin Ahlawat said that the delay was caused due to the submission of bank account details.

What was the complaint stating?

Sonam Shekhawat (32), who was the victim of cybercrime has stated in her complaint that she was searching for an online liquor delivery service in Gurugram (previously known as Gurgaon). But she tried having a chance and searched about the same on the Internet and came across a number. 

As per the report of The Times of India, the complaint stated, “I was aware that Gurgaon doesn’t have an online alcohol delivery service, but I wanted to try my luck. I found a number that claimed to do so on Google. I called them and paid Rs 3,000 for a bottle of Glenfiddich via UPI transaction, and I got a call asking for additional delivery money. Given the high amount, I asked to cancel the order.”

After that, she stated further that the fraudsters asked her to send an additional Rs 5 which would be credited back when the cancelling of the order was initiated. 

Shekhawat further wrote, “They also requested a description with numbers and characters, purportedly a GST number. As soon as the money transactions took place Rs 29,986 was debited from my bank account. I immediately blocked my account.”

TRAI on rising cases of cybercrime

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued a warning to mobile phone users about the rising number of fraudulent calls from the scammers which are threatening disconnection. TRAI has further clarified that they are not responsible to block or disconnect any such calls on the mobile numbers.

TRAI name used by cybercriminals

The scammers are deceiving users by claiming to be from TRAI. The scam states that the user will get their number disconnected. 

TRAI has urged the users to consider any calls or messages that claim to be from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India as it is potentially fraudulent.

TRAI’s advice to users

Users are advised to report such incidents to their network service providers (BSNL, Airtel, Vi, and more) or simply report to the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal. 

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) also emphasised that it does not make threatening calls to citizens.

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