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A woman has been praised for sharing her trick to ‘saving’ shrunken clothes after accidentally putting them on a hot wash, with one user saying it works on both wool and cashmere garments

All is not lost (stock photo)(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

There’s nothing worse than putting your grandma’s handmade knitted jumper in the wash only to boil it down to a doll’s size. When the worse happens and we shrink our clothes, those items are swiftly thrown into the bin, donated to charity, or a child’s toy box to add to their Barbie’s wardrobe.

But, just because you have shrunk your knitwear, tracksuit set, socks, or your luxe silk shirt it doesn’t mean that wardrobe staple has gone past the point of no return. Space saving and home hack gurus, who go under the handle Wellkeptspace on Instagram, shared a genius tip to bring your shrunken clothes back to normal size.

A video was posted on the Instagram account, which was captioned: “Next time you shrink a piece of clothing, don’t freak out. This tip will save you and your favourite shirt.” In the video one of the experts detailed what to do to revive your shrivelled garments. They said: “What happens when you shrink your favourite shirt? I‘ve got an easy solution for you.

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“Fill a bowl with water and add about a tablespoon of hair conditioner. Soak your clothing for about 30 minutes in the solution. Take it out and give it a good squeeze, then gently pull on the fabric.” Some may have tried pulling the fabric hot out the wash only to tear off a sleeve, or weaken the fibres, but adding the conditioner makes the fabric more malleable.

The demonstration continued: “The conditioner will loosen the fibres in the clothing, and after it dries, the piece will go back to its original shape.” The post has received over 15,000 likes on the photo-sharing platform. Fellow Instagrammers have noted there is method in the madness, but the garment must remain wet and not be dried for this hack to work.

One comment read: “It works on wool or cashmere, but only if washed not dried and it’s not perfect.” Others were blown away by the nifty laundry trick, as another social media user enthused: “What in the world? Where were you the last 40 years of my life?”

A third added: “Definitely need to remember this!” While others have recommended using fabric softener, instead of hair conditioner, or baby soap to rejuvenate your damaged clothes.”


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