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Woman’s Ziploc Hack Has Everyone Questioning Everything They Ever Knew | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

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When packing your daily lunch to take with you to work or school, you may go through quite a few Ziploc bags. This makes sense if you typically pack a lunch that isn’t made from leftovers that you’ll have to warm up in the microwave, but instead involves making a fresh sandwich, some chips and other loose snacks that require you to store in a Ziploc bag to maintain its’ freshness.

However, rather than go through and waste countless Ziploc bags on a daily basis, TikTok content creator @that40yearguy shows us how this woman’s kitchen hack can easily double our Ziploc bags!

In the viral video that’s amassed almost 17 million views, @that40yearguy responded to a video of a woman heating a sharp knife before taking the tool to the middle of the Ziploc bag and slicing it down the middle to create two separate Ziploc bags.

He then tries the hack himself by following the same exact method and is completely shocked when he sees that it actually worked! Much like his followers and viewers in the comment section, we are completely amazed by this brilliant hack!

The key to making this hack work is by using a heated knife to slice the Ziplock bag. The sharp blade from the knife cuts the bag and the heat keeps the cut sealed so you’re able to now have two Ziplock bags instead of one.


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