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Women ‘scam’ dates with pricey bills in Hitech City’s Next Galleria; victims suspect pubs | #DatingScams | #LoveScams | #RomanceScans

Hyderabad: A recent spate of dating scams in Hyderabad has come to light, with multiple men reporting similar experiences of being financially exploited by women they met on dating apps like Tinder and Bumble.

The modus operandi involves luring men to high-end clubs, especially the Mosh Club in Next Galleria mall, and running up exorbitant bills, which the victims are then forced to pay.

A costly night at Mosh Club

Victim 1 shared his ordeal involving a woman named Ritika. He said that they matched on Tinder and she suggested meeting at the Hitech City metro station. From there, she led him to Mosh Club on the fourth floor of Galleria Mall.

“She ordered only expensive drinks with fire shots, making the bill around Rs 40,508,” he recounted speaking to Newsmeter.

The payments he made were to an account in Delhi, raising further suspicions. The entry fee was Rs 500 and only his details were taken and not hers. He also doubted the authenticity of the drinks, as she showed no signs of intoxication even after consuming multiple shots.

A shocking bill at Attitude Club & Lounge

Victim 2 was scammed out of Rs 16,000.

After matching on Tinder, they met at the Hitech Metro Station and proceeded to Attitude Club & Lounge. The lady ordered several expensive drinks, resulting in a total bill of 16,000.

“It was my first time at any club or bar, so I thought it must be normal,” he said to Newsmeter. Upon researching the club on Google Maps, he discovered numerous similar complaints, confirming his suspicion of being scammed.

Deceptive tactics at Mosh Pub

A third victim shared a similar experience at Mosh Pub.

After meeting at the Hitech City metro station, the woman led him to the fourth floor of Galleria Mall. She ordered multiple rounds of expensive drinks and food without allowing him to check the menu. His bill soon escalated to Rs 24,000. Attempts to pay through Zomato were denied by the pub management, further suggesting a coordinated scam.

Modus operandi

The pattern observed in these cases reveals a systematic approach:

– The scammers initiate contact through dating apps.

– They quickly arrange to meet in person.

– They claim to be makeup artists who recently moved to Hyderabad and are looking for company.

– Upon meeting, they lead the victims to specific clubs.

– They order the most expensive drinks, often without showing the menu to the victim.

– The victims are left with bills amounting to thousands of rupees.

– The women do not contribute to the payment and leave the men to cover the entire bill.

Clubs involved and their ‘dubious’ practices

The clubs identified in these scams include Mosh Club, Attitude Club & Lounge, and The Devil’s Night Club, all located on the fourth floor of Galleria Mall, near Hitech City Metro Station. Victims have reported payments being directed to accounts in other cities, such as Delhi, which adds to the dubious nature of these establishments.

Response from authorities

“The frequency and similarity of these reports suggest a well-organised scam targeting unsuspecting individuals. Potential victims are advised to be cautious when meeting new acquaintances from dating apps and to be wary of suspicious activities not only in clubs but in other places too” said Madhapur DCP K. Shilpavalli.

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