Women’s Forensic Case Manager

Job Summary:

Under general supervision and working as part of the Women’s Forensic Treatment team, provides on-going intensive mental health interventions for persons having severe and persistent mental illness as well as substance dependence, and who are currently incarcerated in local forensic institutions (Cuyahoga County Jail, Northeast Pre-Release Center and/or municipal jail). Completes and maintains progress notes and other pertinent documentation according to agency and regulatory service standards

  1. Provides an array of community based, mobile services that address the individualized mental health needs of persons who have a severe and persistent mental illness and who are homeless, including but not limited to ongoing assessment of needs, coordination of services, linkage, symptom monitoring, advocacy, outreach, housing placement, and skill development. Services may be provided face-to-face or by telephone.
  2. Coordinates the development of the individualized service plan (ISP) for each assigned client. ISP must collaborative and include client’s own statement of need, a specific objective and measurable steps to achieve the objective.
  3. Conducts inreach to correctional institutions as well as community outreach to initiate engagement and treatment process for individuals who are eligible for services.
  4. Provides engagement, education, and advocacy for the client, coordinates with forensic systems in release-planning and probation adherence.
  5. Provides and/or ensures the provision of all necessary community support services as identified on the individual service plan.
  6. Initiates appropriate action and crisis intervention with individuals/clients or situations through prompt utilization of community resources.
  7. Ensures the safety and engagement of clients by providing a safe, non-threatening and supportive environment, and maintains professional and therapeutic relationships with clients.
  8. Ensures compliance with productivity and documentation/record keeping standards as set by the agency in accordance with funding and accreditation requirements; maintains accurate treatment documentation.
  9. Promotes recovery and increases the client’s capacity to positively impact his/her own environment by assisting clients in the development of interpersonal and community coping skills, and self-management techniques.
  10. Provides assistance to clients in attaining housing, entitlements and other basic resources, and establishes and maintains regular contact and follow-up requirements as specified in ISP.
  11. Ensures compliance with productivity standards and documentation/recordkeeping for agency, funding and accreditation requirements by maintaining and reporting accurate and timely documentation and statistical data.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree with specialization in social, behavioral or human services


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