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The Woodland City Council adopted a resolution proclaiming November as Family Court Awareness Month to raise awareness on the country’s family court system.

According to its website, Family Court Awareness Month was created to shine a spotlight on the family court system due to “undeniable shortcomings” from the system “that was established to govern family law cases and make decisions that are ‘in the best interest’ of children.”

“Our mission is fueled by the desire for a family court system that is trauma-informed and educated on domestic violence, coercive control and post-separation abuse,” the website added.

The website remarked that the family court system needs to incorporate empirical data and research into their decisions and rulings to “truly act in the best interest of children.”

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Mayor Victoria Fernandez read the proclamation during the council’s Tuesday, Nov. 7 meeting, noting that the mission of the Family Court Awareness Month Committee “is to increase awareness of the importance of a family court system that prioritizes child safety and acts in the best interest of children.”

“The mission of the [committee] is fueled by the desire to create awareness and change in the family court system for the conservatively estimated 58,000 children a year ordered into unsupervised contact with abusive parents while honoring the hundreds of children who have been reported as murdered during visitation with a dangerous parent,” she emphasized.

Fernandez then stressed the importance of increasing awareness of empirically-based education and training on domestic violence and child abuse, “including emotional, psychological, physical and sexual abuse.”

“The mission of the FCAMC is to educate judges and other family court professionals on evidence-based, peer-reviewed research,” Fernandez added. “Such research is a critical component to making decisions that are truly in the best interest of children.”

Fernandez concluded by encouraging all residents to support their local communities’ efforts to prevent the harm of children in the hands of family members and to honor and value the lives of children.

Last month, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 311 — “Piqui’s Law” — which seeks to enhance child safety by prohibiting courts from mandating children into non-licensed, unregulated services often referred to as reunification camps, according to a press release from bill author Senator Susan Rubio.

“This groundbreaking legislation is named in memory of 5-year-old Piqui, tragically murdered by his father amidst family court proceedings,” Rubio’s press release stated. “It mandates the development of specialized training for judicial officers in domestic violence and child custody matters and introduces reporting requirements on their education and training.”

Sandra Ross, a representative for California Protective Parents Association, argued that Newsom’s signing of the law “not only demonstrated his strong commitment to the well-being of California’s children, but his leadership will have a positive impact on child safety in child custody cases across our nation and beyond.”


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