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Xfinity customer’s information leaked after company is hacked | News | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

U.S.– Millions of Xfinity user’s personal information has been leaked after the company was targeted in a malware attack.

William Caput, a cybersecurity expert, told Action News it’s called the Citrix Bleed named after the software company Comcast uses that had a product hacked.

He said a similar malware attack hit Enloe Hospital back in 2020, patient’s private information was not leaked during that hack.

But it’s not the same case for Comcast.

“Comcast which utilizes Citrix didn’t patch it in time, bad guys picked up on it found the website and was able to exploit it and gain access as one of these users,” said Caput.

The cyberattack able to gain access to about 38 million Comcast customer accounts. 

“It’s like your network at work where if you’re on your computer at work you have access to everything on that network so this would be email addresses, passwords, any type of account information comcast stores they would have access to it,” he said.

He said because of this cyberattack, some people may have trouble getting into other accounts not related to Xfinity or Comcast.

“Once they got into Comcast or Xfinity and they have your username and password they try that on other systems they try it on Gmail they try it on Apple, if it works they’ll go in and they’ll change that password so you don’t have access to it anymore and so they’ll go through and just try it anywhere,” he said,” he said.

Caput says the best way to prevent this from happening to you is by having a different password for every account you have.

Also, utilizing a two-factor authentication system which sends you a temporary, unique code when you login to your accounts, can make it more difficult for hackers to get your information.


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