Yahoo Update: Security Problems; A Story Of Too Little, Too Late?

Last summer of 2013, the Yahoo Incorporated tossed a project to well secure the code words of its clients, deserting the use of a fallen technology for encoding data which is known as MD5. But then, it was too late.

According to InterAksyon, last August 2013, hackers was able to access for over a billion Yahoo accounts, robbing encoded code word and other info in the prime data breach on record. Yahoo only newly exposed the hack and released it just last week.
Timely of the outbreak might give the impression as a bad luck, but the feebleness of MD5 had been known by hackers and security specialists for over a decade. The MD5 can be broken more effortlessly than other so-called “hashing” systems, which are measured mathematical purposes that adapt data into ostensibly casual character strings.
Also, according to the previous staffs and some outside security specialists, Yahoo’s catastrophe and failure to interchange from MD5 in an appropriate fashion was an instance of glitches in Yahoo’s security maneuvers as it dealt with business challenges. Tougher hashing technology would have made it more hard for the hackers to get into client accounts after breaking Yahoo’s system, making the outbreak far less detrimental.
Yahoo, which has admitted it was still using MD5 during the outbreak, disputed the idea that the firm had stinted on security. In addition, from a statement to Reuters told by Yahoo: “Over the course of our more than 20-year history, Yahoo has engrossed on and invested in security programs and talent to protect our users. We have financed more than $250 million in security initiatives across the company since 2012.”
So then, just last Thursday, the Germany’s virtual security expert disparaged Yahoo for weakening to implement satisfactory encryption methods and recommended German clients to shift to other email benefactors. Conferring to Fortune, Yahoo stated to the Reuters it was committed to upholding handlers secure by keeping on ahead of new terrorizations. “Today’s security landscape is complex and ever-evolving, but, at Yahoo, we have a deep understanding of the threats facing our users and continuously strive to stay ahead of these threats to keep our users and our platforms secure.”


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