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The internet abounds with food hacks that include everything from meal prepping via takeout to how to clean your grill properly with an onion to easily removing corn from a husk with virtually no effort.

But one influencer’s hack for cutting a pepper is dividing the internet, with some viewers saying it makes pepper-cutting “so much easier” and others claiming it’s a total waste of pepper.

The pepper-cutting hack comes via Lori Conway (@theloriconway), who shared the method as a “Game changing Hack.”

The video shows Conway first chopping the pepper’s stem off, then flipping the pepper upside down and cutting each separated pepper section down towards the top before pulling them apart and away. 

@theloriconway 🫑🤯no other way to cut a pepper!!#crazybusymama #crazybusymamahack #lifehacks ♬ original sound – lori

Pepper-cutting hacks are apparently common on TikTok, with many commenting that her hack joins a myriad of other options. 

“Everyday this app shows me a new way to cut a pepper,” observed @fiddlyfig27.

But this new way to cut a pepper didn’t impress all of Conway’s followers, as many of them complained that she either wasn’t showing anything new or that the method wasted a lot of the pepper.

“Did I miss the hack?? She cut a pepper ????” wondered @tdk240. 

“Y’all been cutting it another way???” added @ghosttoe12. 

“Wasting a lot. Instead press the stem down inside the pepper. Then cut it out and use the rest,” suggested @drunkelectrician. 

However, some followers on Conway’s page defended her and claimed that they found her method helpful.

“Bro this changing my game,” added @colinkurzinski.  

“Did this yesterday and it made it so much easier. Anyone complaining about the waist, it’s easy to cut the rest to make it perfect,” noted @noelani_willow.  

As @noelani_willow pointed out, many of the comments about the hack seemed to center around Conway’s apparent skipping of the top of the pepper when cutting, but because the video cuts off after she separates the pepper into sections, it’s not clear if she was able to use the entire pepper or not. 

A few commenters also pointed out that if you do attempt to use the hack, it may be helpful to keep in mind that your success could vary based on how the pepper is shaped, as not all peppers will be symmetrical.

“Would be nice if all peppers were shaped like that,” @justinlee2629.

Some TikTokers also claimed to know the pepper’s gender by its appearance:

“That’s a male pepper! it’s got three sections. females have 4. thanks, tik tok,” wrote @reamerpunch. 

However, as Ohio State University’s extension center verifies, all peppers can look different, and the appearance of bumps does not dictate whether it’s male or female. 

All peppers may look a little different, which means they could be cut differently, but because it’s TikTok, there were also plenty of other suggestions for different options to cut your pepper if Conway’s hack doesn’t appeal to you.

“You can also just push down from the top and then pull apart. No knife needed,” described @angshill.

“I just chop the top and pull the base out,” wrote @radical_capricorn.

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