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Yen Press Licenses Sword Art Online Progressive Canon of the Golden Rule, Classroom for Heroes, 11 More Light Novels – News | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

ANN’s coverage of New York Comic Con 2023 sponsored by Ize Press!

Yen Press announced at its panel at the New York Comic Con that it has licensed the following light novels:

Image courtesy of Yen Press

Title: Sword Art Online: Progressive Canon of the Golden Rule
Creator: Reki Kawahara (story), Mugetsu (art), abec (character design)
Summary: The SAO: Progressive series continues, following Asuna and Kirito to the sixth floor of Aincrad, where puzzles and brainteasers galore await them! Will our sword
swinging pair burn out on a mental challenge, or will the frightening gang of
player-killers catch up with them first…?

Image courtesy of Yen Press

Title: Trinity Seven -Revision-
Creator: Yōichi Nishio (art), Kenji Saitō (story), Akinari Nao (character design)
Summary: From the world of Trinity Seven comes a sizzling new spinoff!
High schooler Mitsunari Miyazawa had aspirations of becoming a writer until a
run-in with a demonic creature turns deadly. Now, Mitsunari has been reborn
with the power of the Magus of Envy, fighting with the help of the living grimoire Lydia!

Image courtesy of Yen Press

Title: The Tiger Hasn’t Eaten the Dragon Yet
Creator: Hachi Inaba

Summary: “Make me think it’s okay if you’re the one who eats me…”
In the mountains somewhere, a tiger catches its prey: a lone dragon, the kind
that is hardly ever seen. Eating the dragon’s meat extracts the ultimate flavor,
drinking its blood heals all injuries, and devouring its heart grants
immortality…And yet, upon seeing the dragon’s undeveloped stature, the tiger
refuses to eat it. Dragon and tiger, predator and prey—is what ties them
together simply natural hunting instincts or something more…?

Image courtesy of Yen Press

Title: Amalgam Hound
Creator: Midori Komai (story), Domino Ozaki (illustration)
Summary: Theo, a young investigator, crosses paths with Eleven, an amalgam perfectly
mimicking the form of a girl. In a strange twist of fate, the two become partners on a special mission to track down other amalgams on the run after the war.
However, Eleven only looks like a young girl. She’s a living weapon who doesn’t
understand what it means to be human. Theo has no love for amalgams, but he’ll have to deal with it, because a terrorist attack has rocked the nation to its
core…and someone needs to get to the bottom of it!

Image courtesy of Yen Press

Title: Classroom For Heroes
Creator: Shin Araki (story), Haruyuki (illustration)
Summary: When the hero Blade defeated the demon king, he lost all his powers. For him,
this should have been a dream come true—finally, life as a normal student
without fighting or adventuring. That is, until he discovers his school is a school
for heroes. He just wants to get by with a solid average, but as a hero with real
experience, it turns out his idea of average is a little off…!

Image courtesy of Yen Press

Title: My Gemini
Creator: Yuu Morikawa
Summary: Plain, redheaded, and freckled John has nothing going for him, except his two
friends who are incredibly popular at school—twins Jekyll and Hyde. The twins,
indistinguishable, have always enjoyed taking each other’s places for fun. But
when the pair is fragmented by an untimely death, it’s up to John to find
out…which twin is left? 

Image courtesy of Yen Press

Title: All or Nothing
Creator: Shikke
Summary: When Kadoi and Hasumoto reveal that they’ve been dating for a whole month,
Oka and Sawada are more jealous that their friends have lovers than anything
else. So when the change in their friends’ relationship causes them to be more
conscious of each other, they can’t help but wonder what it’d be like to be
together—in more ways than one…

Image courtesy of Yen Press

Title: Fox-Colored Jealousy
Creator: Machi Suehiro
Summary: They first met on the train. While Akiha Konno was on his way to his first day of school in Tokyo, some creep just had to touch his butt… Thankfully, the nice
college guy saved him, but—uhhh…Akiha really didn’t mean to just glomp him
like that! Worse, he called the fox ears that appear when he’s all worked up
“cute”! Welp, it’s not like he’ll ever see him again…

Image courtesy of Yen Press

Title: I Want a Gal Gamer to Praise Me
Creator: Geshumaro
Summary: When high school shut-in Raito Sasaki hires a pro gamer coach to help hone his FPS skills, he never expected that the one knocking on his door would be Rion
Suzuki—a cute and fashionable beauty the same age as him! With such a
charming and supportive gamer gal cheering him on, can Raito take his game to the next level, or will the pressure of being up close and personal with a
bombshell like Rion lead him to throw?

Image courtesy of Yen Press

Title: Riviere and the Land of Prayer
Creator: Jougi Shiraishi (story), Azure (illustration)
Summary: Return to the world of the Wandering Witch in a brand-new spin-off!
The stage is set for two girls in a land where prayers have become curses. In a
small island nation, there is a mysterious town where people’s prayers are
answered by a mysterious force. I, Makmilia, assist the enigmatic Riviere in our shop, where we deal with the dangerous items borne of those prayers. We’ve
got a fate-changing perfume, a talking vase, and a bag containing strange
creatures, just to name a few. Yes, indeed, the deeds of the marvelous duo,
Makmilia and Riviere, will overshadow even the Ashen Witch Elaina!

Image courtesy of Yen Press

Title: Once Upon a Witch’s Death: The Tale of the One Thousand Tears of Joy
Creator: Saka (story), Chorefuji (illustration),
Summary: On her seventeenth birthday, the apprentice witch Meg learns that she only has one year left to live. Her teacher, the long-lived witch Faust, explains that the
only way to undo the death curse is to collect tears of joy and grow the seed of
life. To find them, Meg will have to leave the sheltered life she’s always known
and head out into the world. There will be meetings, partings, and friendships
aplenty, and of course many tears. Meg will learn that the most important
lessons for a witch are bright, sweet, and somewhat heart-wrenching.

Image courtesy of Yen Press

Title: Adults’ Picture Book
Creator: Kei Itoi
Summary: Erotic manga author Kudou’s friend Haruki passes away, leaving behind his young daughter, Kiki, and a note bequeathing her to Kudou. Strange as the situation is, Kudou commits to making a real family with the girl—so when he meets a
woman who reminds him of his late friend, he fires off a marriage proposal on
the spot! By blood, friendship, love, or circumstance, family is family…

Image courtesy of Yen Press

Title: You Can’t See the Snow
Creator: Rokudo Ningen
Summary: College freshman Natsuki and sophomore Yuki meet and fall in love one summer night—the first of many they spend together. But as autumn approaches, Yuki
suddenly tells Natsuki she wants him to be happy and find a cute girlfriend, then disappears from campus. Hoping to see Yuki one final time, Natsuki visits her
home and learns she suffers from an unknown illness that forces her to sleep
through the winter. This modern-day version of Sleeping Beauty explores the
miracle of love.

The company also announced that it has licensed the following manga:

Image courtesy of Yen Press

Title: Black Summoner
Creator: Doufu Mayoi (story), Gin Ammo (art), Kurogin (DIGS) (character design)
Summary: While being transmigrated to another world, Kelvin gave up his memories for
powerful new abilities. Setting out on the ultimate adventure as the world’s
strongest Summoner—his first Follower the very goddess who brought him
over!—he soon discovers his true calling as a battle junkie. Faced with one
formidable foe after another, Kelvin can hardly contain his exhilaration! The
curtain rises on this epic saga as the black-clad warrior and his allies carve their
way into the annals of history!!

Image courtesy of Yen Press

Title: The Alchemist Who Survived Now Dreams of a Quiet City Life
Creator: Usata Nonohara (story), Aya Obara (art), ox (character design)
Summary: For an alchemist like Mariela, performing incredible feats of magic are just part of the job. So when a stampeding horde of monsters threatens to devour the
kingdom of Endalsia, she decides to put herself in a brief state of suspended
animation to survive. Luckily, she awakens safe and sound—200 years in the
future… Now, all Mariela really wants is a quiet, laid-back life in this land she
barely recognizes. It’s too bad potions have become a luxury good, and she’s the only girl in town with the skills to make them.

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