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YottaChainMENA is a world-leading blockchain data storage provider. With over 200 patents registered in the US and Europe, we became the only solution in the current market that can provide data encryption and de-duplication simultaneously. Combining with the exclusive characteristics of blockchain technology, YottaChainMENA is capable of providing the most secure and most affordable decentralised data storage solutions throughout the MENA region.

YottaChainMENA is building its own diversified ecosystem based on decentralised blockchain data storage. To allow the access of our partners from traditional entities to the decentralised data storage world, we decided to open source on GitHub after YottaChainMENA’s mainnet launch in September, 2020. Organisations and entities from both public and private sectors by then will be able to integrate their brilliant business ideas onto our platform in the form of Decentralised Applications (DApps), and share the success under the environment focusing on customisation, multilateralism and coordination.

Decentralisation of data will cut out the middle man on every transaction. The most advanced computer code will replace “the need for trust”. Every business will benefit on this great technology.

Decentralisation of data will be the biggest game-changer in the history of mankind. It will be bigger than the industrial revolution or the internet. Already, today there are incredible decentralised use cases that replace the traditional centralised systems. For example, you can get immediate loans funded by the community or you can generate passive income without any middleman, with no banks or any other financial institution in the process. The decentralised consensus mechanisms on the platform will automatically give you a loan or generate passive income for you.

● MTA is the utility token issued by YottaChainMENA.

● Total supplement: 2 billion units with no additional issuance;

● Listing price: $0.02/MTA

● Utilities: MTA is the only acceptable token of converting data storage resources in YottaChainMENA’s decentralised network;

● Up to hundreds of dollars of daily income

● Benefits: Generate passive income on a DAILY basis:

◆ 30 per cent purchasing discount now;

◆ Staking amount fully refundable after 18 months

◆ To be positioned as our VIP clients (MENA Super Nodes—MSN)

◆ Have voting rights regards to core business decisions

● Additional Benefits if you’d like to have an active role in our network:

◆ Become a vendor of our decentralised data storage solution

◆ Support other MSNs and earn highest commissions

● Minimum Stake: US$30,000

● Supported Assets: Dhs, USD, USDT

Click here to learn more about YottaChainMENA.

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