Your Windows XP computer is a liability

While the death of Windows XP is a surprise to very few, chances are, your place of work is so tight-fisted that they’re still running everything on the creaking OS.

Well, you might want to tell your boss (and if you are the boss, pull your finger out already) that Microsoft have not only stopped support for the operating system, but they’ll also stop their free anti-virus software. So basically, you will be using a computer that is just asking for trouble and malfunctions.

On Microsoft’s sites, they say that the Malicious Software Removal Tool and updates to Microsoft Security Essentials will stop being a thing after 14th July 2015. Yes. That’s a date that is now gone.

If you don’t know, the Malicious Software Removal Tool checks your computer for infections by prevalent malicious software. Normally, it is updated once a month, but as of yesterday, any threats can now waltz their way inside your XP computer and cause bother.

And you can guarantee that cyber-crooks will be looking to exploit those who are lazy and have thought ‘it’ll be fine’. That’s what they do. They’re good at it too.

Naturally, if you’re running a computer that has XP on it, then it is invariably a bit on the old side. That means it is worth considering buying a new one. You could buy a cheap Windows 8 PC and just wait for the Windows 10 free release, which will be happening very soon. Or, if you’re a Linux nut, you could eye that up.

Failing that, you can just try and style it out and hope for the best, but don’t go crying to anyone when your PC dies with loads of infections.

Source: Bitter Wallet

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