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Season 18 of “America’s Got Talent” kicked off on May 30th, and one of the most memorable acts of the night came in the form of a touching tribute to a former well-loved ‘AGT’ contestant.

Hailing from South Africa, the all-white-clad Mzansi Youth Choir began a capella singing “It’s OK,” which was instantly recognized as a tune created by Nightbirde—a young woman remembered not only for her lovely singing voice, but also for her incredible emotional resilience.

Back in 2021, Nightbirde arrived on the stage with only a 2% chance of surviving a third round of cancer. But still, she kept to her philosophy of “You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy.” She passed away in Feb 2022, but not before sharing her beautiful heart with the world.

The group resonated with Nightbirde’s story of holding onto hope through tragedy, as it echoed their own. One of the members explained that the choir had been formed 20 years ago after the founders had been carjacked by a group of troubled youths. Mzansi was seen as “an opportunity to change young lives.”

After watching Nightbirde on ‘AGT,’ the kids recorded their own version of “It’s OK,” which became a “pillar of strength during difficult times.” And so, they chose the tune to continue the singer’s legacy.


Golden Buzzer: Mzansi Youth Choir’s Emotional Tribute Brings Simon To Tears | Auditions | AGT 2023

Understandably, both the audience and the judges became emotional after watching. Even the impenetrable Simon Cowell was moved to tears—a rare feat once achieved by Nightbirde herself.

“I know how much this would have meant to her. Right up until the end, she was so passionate about sharing her music. And this has gone all over the world, and you’ve come back here with the most amazing tribute. It was just breathtaking,” he told the choir.

He then turned to the audience to allow them a say in whether or not Mzansi should get the Golden Buzzer—an ‘AGT’ first. As the audience began chanting “Golden Buzzer,” the verdict became evident. And as the group was showered in golden confetti, they shaped their hands into hearts.

We don’t really get a say in when our story ends. But our story lives on in the hearts we touch. It really is one of humanity’s greatest gifts.

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