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A Nuevo Laredo resident resident won $10,000 from YouTube philanthropist MrBeast as part of his birthday celebration.

MrBeast — real name Jimmy Donaldson — announced the news via Instagram as he celebrated his birthday by giving away $10,000 to 10 random followers on his social media. 

MrBeast originally stated he would give out $50,000 split among five people but had issues with the Instagram post, as several states were not able to participate. He instead decided to double both the prize and winner total. 

Rogelio Hernandez of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas was the first individual listed as part of the random drawing done on MrBeast’s Instagram Stories.

Hernandez’s profile states that he is from the sister city and a medical practitioner.

Official announcement by MrBeast’s Instagram profile. 

Courtesy / Instagram

In the Instagram Stories, MrBeast thanked everyone for participating and warned anyone not directly listed of possible scams.

“These are the only winners! If you get a DM from anyone else it is a scam. Thank you for participating! I’m planning to do more giveaways in the future, I love you all!” he said.

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