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YouTuber Colleen Ballinger Allegedly Messaged Minors And Is Labeled A “Groomer” And “Predator” | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

Popular content creator, singer, vlogger, and YouTuber Colleen Ballinger – also known for playing the character Miranda Sings – is now under fire for allegedly sending inappropriate messages to minors.

These reports came to light when one of Ballinger’s old “friends,” Adam McIntyre, posted a video on YouTube detailing his “emotionally abusive” friendship with the 36-year-old. His upload came shortly after a previous fan – Kodee – came forward to claim that Ballinger would send sexual messages to minors. She also dug up some of her old tweets about rape.

In 2020, McIntyre uploaded a video titled “collen ballinger, stop lying,” a 25-minute-long exposé on their friendship.

According to McIntyre, he discovered Miranda Sings in 2012 and made fan pages dedicated to the singer. He says he supported the Ballinger family for years up until 2020. After 2016, he and Colleen began talking on a “more personal level” and became “good friends” by 2017. Keep in mind that, at the time when they first started communicating, McIntyre was only 13, while the YouTuber was already in her 30s.

It all began when Ballinger and her friend, Kory, found McIntyre’s Twitter account during a live stream. They found his tweets so funny that they wanted to send him the bra and panties that Kory wore. Though it initially seemed like a joke, the singer sent the minor the lingerie they promised. “I did get sent the lingerie, and immediately whenever it arrived, my parents were furious. They were so angry, and they took it away,” McIntyre says.

The conversations eventually led to McIntyre gaining private details about her divorce, and Ballinger would always request him to find drama for her. From 2016 to 2018, McIntyre was always asked to look into gossip sites about Colleen, which led to him getting attacked on these sites. He says he would always follow through with the singer’s requests since he was still a fan. He even took over her Twitter for a while to increase her follower count and engagement for free, fueling comments from social media users that Ballinger had “groomed” and manipulated McIntyre and other teens to support her. McIntyre’s parents remained wary of their relationship the whole time, but they wanted to be supportive since he had “idolized” her.

Ultimately, Ballinger treated him poorly and even ran a “smear campaign” against him when he decided to speak up, despite everything McIntyre had done for her. His video was later overshadowed by Ballinger’s apology video, which was met with a positive response.

In his new video, he discusses a new video by an old fan (Kodee) of Ballinger who revealed that Ballinger tried to take down McIntyre. Kodee also shows the alleged inappropriate messages sent by Ballinger to minors. In a group chat reportedly including underaged teens, Ballinger asked: “What’s your fav position?” and “Are you a Virgin?”

Another user, @_imjustzander, showed screenshots of Ballinger “sexualizing children.” One of them shows Ballinger using porn-sounding titles like “Girl on girl action” on the videos of her young niece.

These revelations have led others to her other disturbing content, including one where Ballinger confesses to “murdering” her own dog.

McIntyre and Kodee’s accounts of Ballinger’s behavior show us the consequences of parasocial relationships. With YouTubers, influencers, and Twitch streamers on the rise, many young people are finding themselves investing significant emotional energy, time, and resources into supporting their idols – often at the expense of their own well-being. It seems that creators also lose sight of their own ethical boundaries on their rise to stardom.

Evie has reached out to Colleen Ballinger following the backlash, but she has yet to respond.

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