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Colleen Ballinger

Denies Grooming Allegations …

Ripped For ‘Apology’ Video

YouTube star Colleen Ballinger, best known for her Internet character Miranda Sings, is denying grooming allegations against her with a song … and for some folks, it’s falling flat.

Colleen picked up a ukulele and recorded a 10-minute video where she sings about the disturbing claims against her being nothing but gossip and lies.

In case you missed it … Colleen’s been accused of grooming a teenage boy, who grew up to be YouTube star Adam McIntyre. She broke her silence Wednesday with her singing video.

Colleen says her team strongly advised her not to say what she wants to say, but she says that doesn’t mean she can’t sing about her reaction … so here we are.

In the song, Colleen puts it bluntly, “The only thing I’ve ever groomed is my two Persian cats.”

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She adds … “I’m not a groomer, just a loser / who didn’t understand I shouldn’t respond to fans / and I’m not a predator even a lot of you think so / because five years ago I made a fart joke.”

Colleen’s song isn’t going over so well online … folks are blasting her on social media, with some fans telling her this wasn’t the right way to address the serious allegations.

The overwhelming consensus, it seems, Colleen’s not taking this seriously and is playing the victim.

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