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Cybersecurity firm Zerocopter has launched the first-ever Cybersecurity Marketplace led by white-hat hackers.

With cybercrime projected to cost $8 trillion in 2023 and businesses, particularly smaller ones, often lacking the resources and expertise to keep up, the digital sector is fast becoming the most vulnerable one. This calls for redefining cybersecurity solutions, and a cybersecurity firm, Zerocopter, has come up with an innovative and perhaps game-changing solution to this problem.

Zerocopter has launched a hacker-led marketplace for security solutions. The platform is designed to be accessible, flexible, and supported by a hundreds-strong hacker network. The platform offers a tailored security suite powered by ethical hackers, providing precision and agility impossible with traditional tools. 

For your information, Zerocopter is a global cybersecurity firm with a network of world-class hackers ready to provide continuous online security to organizations. Founded in 2015, the company offers affordable, scaleable cybersecurity solutions across various sectors, including finance, aviation, international education, and law.

The marketplace is created to offer a tailored solution for businesses, ensuring they can protect their assets and operations. Erik Ploegmakers, CEO of Zerocopter, stated in the company’s press release that it will devise solutions to curb the growing threat landscape. 

“To fully appreciate the extent of the digital attack surface and level of potential threats, companies need to go beyond the tick-box cybersecurity approach,” Ploegmakers said in a press release shared with

So, what makes this marketplace different? According to Ploegmakers, Zerocopter’s “custom-made marketplace” will be operated by hackers, and their primary task will be to find flaws and security breaches, mainly focusing on flaws that generic tools cannot detect.

“Whatever the customer requirements are, we carefully match them with one of our world-class, vetted hackers with the appropriate skill set for that particular case,” he added.

The marketplace offers scaled safety by leveraging the collective intelligence of the world’s best hackers to provide top-of-the-line threat protection at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

The CEO also highlighted that every hacker undergoes a rigorous vetting process to ensure they comply with a strict code of conduct and are the best at their job. Zerocopter also assesses and validates vulnerability reports, allowing organizations to focus on fixing security issues quickly.

Furthermore, it provides bug bounty, incentivizing hackers based on the threat level allowing continuous surveillance. Its Dedicated Hacker Time, a micro-consulting solution with a global hacker force, will match companies with hackers with the skillsets and knowledge needed for specific tasks. 

Moreover, Zerocopter ensures compliance with evolving regulations like the EU’s NIS2 Directive through its expertise in CVD (Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure). This allows companies to manage the flood of reports associated with CVD easily and affordably.

The launch of the marketplace led by ethical hackers is good news for a sector where threats keep evolving and looming. The company has delivered a powerful message that cybersecurity doesn’t have to be expensive, complex, or inaccessible.

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