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Zoey Deutch Is Dating Jimmy Tatro, and Their Relationship Is Holiday-Rom-Com Levels of Cute | #youtubescams | #lovescams | #datingscams | #datingscams | #love | #relationships | #scams | #pof | | #dating

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Hi, two things to note today: (1) Something From Tiffany’s is streaming on Amazon Prime Video and it’s everything you could want from a holiday movie plus more, and (2) Zoey Deutch’s real-life romance appears to be even cuter than any given rom-com.

Zoey and her boyfriend Jimmy Tatro have been dating since 2021 (at least, that’s when they went public with it on Insta), and they’re pretty low-key about their relationship. But where there’s a will there’s a way, and you’d better believe we did some (totally normal) digging. On that note, here’s everything you need to know about Jimmy Tatro and his cute relationship with Zoey.

Kevin Mazur – Getty Images

Jimmy Tatro Is an Actor and Comedian

30-year-old Jimmy grew up in California and has been in several movies and TV shows including Grown Ups 2 and 22 Jump Street—but you probably know him best from Home Economics. However! His latest project Theater Camp is set to premiere at Sundance, so it sounds like he’s officially pivoting into his ~Prestige Era~.

He Got His Start on YouTube

Jimmy told Jimmy Kimmel that he started a YouTube channel because he wanted to make money, and that his other option was, er, selling his white blood cells. So yeah, like and subscribe to LifeAccordingToJimmy!

Oh, and FYI that back in 2017 Jimmy was asked by Thrillist about his fave fellow YouTubers and said, “I have a lot of respect for Lilly Singh. I think Lilly’s very talented, and I love the content she’s putting out on YouTube. She seems to always maintain a quality I appreciate. I also think Liza Koshy is really funny and deserves everything she’s made for herself. I don’t watch a lot of YouTube anymore, so it’s hard to say who I’d recommend, but right now, those are the two.” ❤️

He’s a Critics Choice Award Nominee

He snagged the nomination for his work on American Vandal (a hilarious Netflix mockumentary, in case you missed it).

He’s Super Close to His Parents

To the point where he brought them to Jimmy Kimmel Live with him, though they were worried about “killing his swag,” bless.

He Is Zoey’s “Polar Opposite”

She confirmed this herself during an interview with Betches U Up? back in August, saying, “I would be so bored if I was dating someone who agreed with me on everything and thought everything in the same way as me–I’d be so bored by that. I mean I am currently with someone who is my actual polar opposite.”

celebrity sightings in new york city december 09, 2022

Gotham – Getty Images

They Are Couple Friends With Nina Dobrev and Shaun White

As in, they go on fancy vacations with each other to France.

Send them to The White Lotus!

He Isn’t Afraid to Gush on Insta

Again, Jimmy and Zoey tend to be pretty low-key about their relationship, other than when it’s Zoey’s birthday, of course, and Jimmy’s Insta turns into a full-blown fan account:

And He’s Super Supportive

First of all, yes these two are red carpet official—here they are at CNN Heroes earlier this month:

the 16th annual cnn heroes an all star tribute red carpet

Kevin Mazur – Getty Images

But Jimmy also accompanied Zoey to the premiere of Something From Tiffany’s, and they were photographed at the after-party:

<span class="photo-credit">Michael Buckner - Getty Images</span>

Michael Buckner – Getty Images

He Used to Date Emily Osment

Because you’re inevitably slightly curious about his dating history, Jimmy dated actor Emily Osment. They were together from 2013-2016 and hit several red carpets along the way:

2015 shorty awards

Michael Stewart – Getty Images

That’s all! You now have a PhD in all things Jimmy Tatro.

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