Zoo in a flap after hackers hijack its Facebook page

THE Australian Reptile Park is reeling after its official Facebook page and that of general manager Tim Faulkner’s have been hacked.

In a statement released this morning the popular Somersby zoo warned current posts, as well as those alerting people they had “fixed the spamming problem”, were the work of hackers and not their own.

“All current posts to our page and the Tim Faulkner page are hacker’s posts,” the statement read.

“We are doing all we can to work with Facebook to remove the hackers; however, it is a slow automated process. The hackers have also blocked our social team from access.”

Marketing manager Lizzie Doyle said she and fellow administrator Amanda Woodbine had been “locked out” of the zoo’s social media account making it more difficult to have the problem rectified.

Ms Doyle said Ms Woodbine reported the social media security breach and had given a statement to Brisbane Water police this morning.

The Reptile Park’s Instagram and Twitter accounts have been unaffected.

One of the bogus posts this morning included a picture of a pug, a link to a tabloid online news site and the comment: “What he did is shocking, poor dog. What’s your opinion on this?”

Ms Doyle said people could assist by reporting the post of the pug as spam.

It is the second high-profile computer hacking attack on the Cetral Coast in as many weeks and comes after Erina and Gosford beauty business Milk & Honey had its bookings and diary systems corrupted with “ransomware”

Ms Doyle said the Australian Reptile Park first learned its profile had been hacked about 48 hours ago.

“We apologise for any posts they may make that are against our beliefs,” she said.

“We are working tirelessly to get this rectified and hope we don’t have to shut the entire account down.”


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