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National Cyber Security

Cyber Crime Investigation
Cyber Crime Investigation

Cyber Extortion

National Cyber Security handles all types of cyber threats ranging from a professional athlete being threaten with nude photos or a ransom encrypting your intellectual property for money.

Cyber Fraud

Have you been scammed? Did you purchase or service online and never received your product? We can help locate the person that scammed you anywhere in the world.

Cyber Blackmail

Sextortion is defined as blackmail in which sexual information or images are used to extort sexual favors and/or money from the victim.  This online blackmail is often conducted by sophisticated organized criminal networks operating out of business-like locations similar to call centers.

Security Assessment
Security Assessment

Red Team Assessment Conducts a physical vulnerability test to tell how protected your critical assets are.

Penetration Testing Identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities to close off avenues of attack.

Security Program Assessment Get informed, expert recommendations to improve your security program.

Mergers & Acquisitions Risk Assessment Conduct due diligence on cyber security for merger and acquisition targets.

Response Readiness Assessment Evaluate and improve your ability to detect, respond to, and contain advanced attacks.

Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment Obtain a detail, analysis of your organization’s risk level based on the C.O.P.E framework.

Data Breach Response
Data Breach Response

Incident Response Services Contact National Cyber Security 24/7 consultants at the first sign of a breach to help investigate data breaches.

Incident Response Retainer Reduce your cyber incident response time and minimize incident impact.

Compromise Assessment Identify current or past attacker activity in your environment.

Security Enhancement Training ServicesInformation about our training offerings and a complete training class catalog.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Services Design and build cyber threat intelligence processes and solutions within your security operations.

Technology Forensics
Computer and Cell Phone Forensics

We offer 48 hour turn around Forensics for most Cell Phones, Tables and Computers.

  • Pictures and videos
  • Text messages
  • Photo messages (multi-messaging service)
  • Call logs (received, dialed, missed)
  • Contacts
  • Emails
  • Internet >history
  • Social media