Fighting ransomware: Perspectives from cybersecurity professionals | #ransomware | #cybercrime

Ransomware has become an ever-present threat to individuals, businesses, and even entire nations.

In this Help Net Security round-up, we present parts of previously recorded videos from experts in the field that shed light on the pressing ransomware issues.

Complete videos
  • David Mahdi, Chief Strategy Officer & CISO Advisory at Sectigo, talks about how ransomware isn’t solely a malware problem, bad actors want access to your data, so it really is a data security and access problem.
  • Christopher Rogers, Technology Evangelist at Zerto, illustrates how ransomware can be combated with proper recovery strategies.
  • Ian McShane, VP of Strategy at Arctic Wolf, explains how organizations can allocate that increased cybersecurity budget effectively.
  • Dave Trader, Field CISO at Presidio, talks about the evolution of ransomware attacks and outlines what we can expect in 2023.
  • AnnMarie Nayiga, Lead MDR Analyst at Malwarebytes, talks about the dangers of ransomware reinfection.

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