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Anyone over the age of 18 years old can become an affiliate of National Cyber Security and start making money today.

It does not matter if you are:

·       A computer guru

·       Unemployed

·       Stay-at-home parent

·       College student

·       Law Enforcement

·       Accountant

·       Or just looking to make mailbox money without doing much work.

On day one of you becoming an affiliate you will receive training that will allow you to make money with very little effort. 

As an affiliate you will receive:

  • Weekly live conference calls

  • Online training on each product and who to market to

  • Marketing material 

  • 3rd Party vendor training

  • A list of potential customers and industries and how to market to each one

  • And as a bonus you will be able to take a course in Computers, IT Security and/or Cyber Security

You do not need to be technical to be an affiliate.

National Cyber Security offers products and services that don't require you to be technical, because you have the back office of National Cyber Security Team. 

If you have a client or potential client that may ask questions that you can not answer, just say, "Hold on let me get one of my Cyber Security Engineers on the phone so you can answer those questions." 

Think of it like this;  If you go to a dealership to purchase a car, you speak with a salesperson.  If you ask that salesperson a technical question they can not answer, they may bring in the mechanic who can answer the technical questions. 

You are the sales person and our Cyber Security Engineers are the mechanics.

We will supply you with brochures, fliers, business card design, custom customer quote, website banners, video and audio marketing material.


National Cyber Security