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Fred Peck

Cory McCombs is a very Professional worker. We always depend on Cory for network and PC support here at AT&T.

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Women In Federal Law Enforcement

Agents Of Secert Service - FBI - DEA - ATF

"In order to catch a hacker it takes a hacker."

"Outstanding job, year after year."

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Mr. Harrigan

Deputy Superintendent of Virgin Islands
"You don't want to miss this guy!"

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Dr. Phillips

Georgia Tech & University Of Texas

"I'm glade there is someone out there on the front line of cyber security."

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James Madison

IT Director

"I was especially impressed by the instructor"

James Madison

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Trusted By Federal Law Enforcement

In the 5 years the course taught at National Cyber Security University has been, used to train F.B.I, D.E.A, A..TF, U.S. Marshals, I.R.S, Homeland Security and over 40 other Federal Law Enforcement Agencies At Their Annual Leadership Training

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